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This is a NEW PAGE for the purpose of posting Bible Study Class Notes. These notes are not edited (grammar or spelling) and are intended as "study aids" for use in context with with the Christadelphian Expositor and/or Story of the Bible Series and other noted works.

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THE BOOK OF JUDGES - Click Links Below...
Judges - The Glory of Yahweh Revealed Through The heroes of Israel   

These Bible study notes are a compilation of articles that appeared in the Christadelphian Truth Gleaner between 2004 and 2011. For ages 16 and up, currently available in hard copy, spiral bound (8.5 x 11 format). See Study Booklets page for pricing.


These Sunday School notes are now in progress (for ages 16 and up - based upon the organization of John Carter's "Parables of the Messiah" and Bro. Robert Roberts', "The Parables of Christ"). Last updated on 01/02/2018

Salt     Light     Fowls and Lilies     Dogs and Swine    Wolf in Sheep's Clothing      Trees and Fruit      The Two Builders     The Bridegroom   Seed and Harvest   The Lost   The Laborers   Royal Summons   Seven I Ams   Strait Gate   Unforgiving Debtor   Unjust Steward   Yahweh Name   Two Rebellious Sons

THE BOOK OF ESTHER - Click Links Below...

INTRO   ACT  1   ACT 2   ACT 3   ACT 4   ACT 5   ACT 6    ACT 7

ACT 8   ACT 9   ACT 10  ACT 11  ACT 12  APPENDIX   

These Sunday School / Bible Study notes are now completed (for ages 16 and up - used in concert with with Story of the Bible Vol. 4) and are currently available in hard copy, spiral bound (8.5 x 11 format). See Study Booklets page for pricing.



These Adult Bible Class notes by Bro. Rodney Dodl, are from the 2009 Kentucky Bible School. These Song of Solomon lessons are intended as an overview of the subject which generally follows the exposition prepared by Bro. H. P. Mansfield entitled "Romance for Eternity".


CLICK HERE for The Book of Ezra Notes 

These notes were used in 2008 (for ages 16 and up) in concert with Story of the Bible Vol. 4). The section concerning Marrying in the LORD (a separate small booklet) is being re-typed for publication, LORD willing, later in 2009.

Below are additional Ezra notes and Overheads prepared for adult Bible School classes by Bro. Scott Huie.

CLICK HERE for Ezra Leads The Return Class I  

CLICK HERE for Ezra Leads The Return Class II

CLICK HERE for Ezra Leads The Return Class III

A Summary of Ezra's Actions

Ezra Class I OVERHEADS  





CLICK HERE for The Book of Joshua Overheads

These notes, entitled "Yahweh's Salvation" (For ages 16 and up) are for use in concert with Joshua, His Life and Times, by John Ullman, and the Christadelphian Expositor. 



CLICK HERE for the Origin and Meaning of Apocalyptic Symbols Notes

These notes consider five symbols from the Apocalypse and their origin in the Law and Prophets (for ages 16 to Adult). - Based upon Eureka, an Expostion of the Apocalypse, by John Thomas. 


CLICK HERE for the Man of the One Class Notes

Slides: Class 1   Class 2  Class 3  Class 4  Class 5  Class 6

These notes are a study of Daniel Chapter 10 based upon Phanerosis, by John Thomas, and the Daniel Expositor, by H.P. Mansfield. This class considers five major doctrinal and prophetic aspects of the this unique chapter (For ages 16 to Adult).

Slides: Class 1  Class 2  Class 3  Class 4  Class 5

This class reviews the origin and destiny of the Fourth Beast of Daniel 7 in connection with the Beast of the Sea, Beast of the Earth, and Image of the Beast (Rev. 13) from its inception in Eden to its destruction at the Advent of Messiah (For ages 16 to Adult). - Based upon Eureka, an Expostion of the Apocalypse, by John Thomas.
CLICK HERE for The The Day of Yahweh Class Notes
Slides: Class 2  Class 3  Class 4

Classes delivered at the 2009 Forest Hill Prophecy Day by Bre. Bobby Henderson and Josh Vest.

- Class 1 is an in-depth review of the meaning of Edom in Prophecy as relating to flesh in political manifestation.
- Class 2 examines the cumlination of this princple in the Day of Yahweh's Judgment - The Day of Yahweh in Zephaniah. 
- Classes 3 and 4 give an overview of latter day prophecy and connects with current signs of the times heralding Messiah's return.

Bible Study Notes prepared by Bro. Rodney Dodl